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Deliver Classes Online With eLearning Framework

You are a best school in your city, now be the best school online.
Takes 30 Minutes to set-up, no matter you are a School, College or a large University


Structured Learning Platform

E-Learning Framework makes it possible for schools to deliver classes the same way you did in your physical classroom.

Classroom Routine & Discipline

Establish classroom routines at home and complete curriculum milestones on time.

Ready to Use Technology

Quickly setup all the classrooms and let any number of students get started immediatly.

Managed solution

Get enterprise grade applications to deliver online classes without the headache of maintaining it.

More Happy Parents

Parents feel happy to pay the fee when they believe the institution is helping their child meet academic goals.

Believing comes from seeing. NerdyClass gives parents the reason to see and believe.

Parents get periodic reports about the child's progress, individualized recommendation, feedback and more.

NerdyClass eLearning Framework instills confidence in parents which can't be achieved through makeshift tools such as Whatsapp and Youtube.

Student centric approach to learning

NerdyClass enables educators and students to achieve positive outcomes and nurture relationships regardless of physical location.

Regular assessment, purposeful use of data, support for high quality curricula development combined with learning milestones makes for supportive learning experience for the students.

Teacher Friendly Dashboard

NerdyClass provides support for comprehensive curriculum design and let educators take holistic approach to deliver education online

  • Create study material in multiple formats
  • Embed Youtube videos into the chapters
  • Create assessments linked to chapters
  • Make chapters available at specified dates
  • Track student progress
  • Rate, review & leave feedback on homeworks
  • Conduct time based online tests
  • Schedule live classes in advance
  • Track students during live classes on Zoom or Google Meetup
  • Teachers get to know students that need extra care and support, so that they can work on them and raise the overall class performance significantly.

Better Preparation for Competitive World

NerdyClass is designed to help educators and students prepare for challenges ahead

  • Group discussion, doubts and Q&A session
  • Teacher feedback system (individual and group)
  • Students get to know their performance with respect to the rest of the class so that they can focus more on areas of improvement.
  • Live-streaming of class with Zoom or Google Meet
  • Effective tracking of academic progress
  • Assessment after every chapter
  • Teachers can establish communication and nurture relationship with students

Reports & Analytics

Data that helps instructors and education institutions to proactively identify and pursue opportunities to improve learning outcomes

  • Attendance report, class wise breakup
  • Advance reporting of Zoom or Google Meet classes
  • Course completion report
  • Homework submission report
  • Activity & assessment report

Administrative Dashboard

NerdyClass makes it extremely easy to set-up and manage educational institutions of any size. Here are some of the features.

  • Enable/Disable student's access to eLearning portal
  • Collect fee online
  • Send bulk SMS or emails to parents for important notification and alerts
  • Selectively broadcast announcements to students or teachers
  • Create unlimited classes (or study groups) and add unlimited teachers to the system without any change in your pricing.
  • Approve content created by teachers before it goes live.

Set Students Up for Success

NerdyClass provides a connected teaching and learning environment that prioritize support for social-emotional learning and promotes academic growth. NerdyClass addresses needs that are unique to the online experience.

Assessment & Performance

Individualized assessments and measurement of the progress of the entire classroom algorithmically

Access Control

Allow or deny access to any student any time you want with a click of mouse. Your tool is in your complete control.

Quality Control

Approve or disapprove content created by teachers before it goes live. Peer review helps uphold the institution's standard and quality.

Team work

Students gain experience and prepare for real world challenges by collaborating and working in team remotely

Advance learning workflows

Active learning and accessibility features allow NerdyClass to seamlessly fit into higher education teaching and learning workflows.

Custom academic goals

Teachers can develop custom learning experience that meets academic goals and addresses the unique challenges of the times

Connect and respond

The platform allows students and educators to connect and respond to the way students learn and interact with the world today.

Individual Attention

Instructors can address the needs of students who need extra attention in order to catch up with the rest of the class.

Structured Framework for Online Class

NerdyClass provides a structured framework for Online Class to help traditional schools and universities quickly start offering online classes. This helps students establish class routines at home and complete their curriculum milestones on time.